Great News For Glasses Wearers

In breaking news last month, wearing spectacles has been linked to intelligence (something I’ve long known since I was about 7 or 8 years of age when I first started wearing glasses!)  University of Edinburgh researchers have reported that a higher level of cognitive function is linked with wearing spectacles. Industry magazine Optometry Today reported…


National Eye Health Week

This month sees the return of National Eye Health Week, which runs from the 24th-30th September. This issue is devoted exclusively to promoting healthy eyes and vision. And make sure you read the back page for your invitation to an Eye Health Talk exclusively for Clarke & Roskrow clients. This is an important week in…


Giving Back

This latest edition of The Church Street Chronicle is being written on a scorching hot day in early July. We’ve been experiencing some fabulous weather these past few weeks and it’s wonderful to see the sun and blue skies after what felt like a long and dreary winter! It’s a shame to be indoors on…