Our book “The Ultimate Guide To Purchasing Your Eyewear – How To Look Good And Feel Great In Glasses” is filled with insider information that most people in optics would prefer you not to know!

In this book, owner and Principal Optometrist Anthony Clarke will help you save time, money and hassle when selecting your eyecare and eyewear.  This book will provide insider knowledge and know-how when it comes to taking care of your eyecare and eyewear needs.


Revealed!  The 7 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Glasses:

Mistake No.1 – “Apples Are Not Oranges – Why All Opticians Are Not The Same.”

Mistake No.2 – “Avoiding The Designer Glasses Trap.”

Mistake No.3 – “Getting The Right Advice & Avoiding The Perils Of Buying Glasses Online.”

Misktake No.4 – “What Do Your Glasses Say About You?  How your eyewear can send out the wrong message.”

Mistake No.5 – “Buying The Feature Not The Benefit.”

Mistake No.6 – “Only Buying One Piece Of The Eyewear Puzzle.”

Mistake No.7 – “Making A Decision Based Purely On Price.”


Whenever you next need new glasses, whichever optician you choose to go to, this book will provide you with invaluable information!


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