Eyewear Styling Consultation

We know and understand that most people find choosing new glasses to be a hassle. In most cases elsewhere, you’re often left to “self-select” your eyewear, from a mind-boggling array of possibly thousands of frames. This only increases the chances that you’ll choose the wrong frame!

We offer a more sophisticated way to purchase your eyewear. Our Eyewear Styling Consultation is a guided journey through the process of choosing new glasses. It is designed to remove the frustrations and hassles associated with choosing new glasses. It will save you time; it will remove the haphazard approach to choosing new glasses; it will make the whole buying experience a lot more enjoyable and rewarding; and you’ll get expert advice and recommendations tailored specifically to you and your vision requirements.

The whole experience is very relaxed and enjoyable. You can enjoy a nice cup of tea, coffee, beer or glass of Prosecco whilst trying on frames from our hand-curated collection of eyewear.

Our Eyewear Styling Consultation means you get a more personal service and better advice. The time otherwise spent browsing through hundreds of frames that neither suit you nor fit you properly will be gone forever, instead replaced by a relaxed and friendly consultation with one of our Dispensing team. And there’s no obligation to buy anything afterwards.

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